Concordia Cup


Concordia Ale House in NEP

I love summer in Portland.  There is nothing better than sitting on a restaurant patio hanging out with friends on a warm summer night.  Except, if beer’s involved, and then it’s perfect.  This past weekend I had one of those nights with my boyfriend Matt and my old friend Taylor at Concordia Ale House in NE Portland.

Concordia Ale House often has beer tasting events that are perfect for me.  However, I have never been to one of these events until Saturday.  This past weekend was the Concordia Cup where one could sample 12 different imperial IPAs (imperial means strong, and IPA stands for India Pale Ale, a hoppy and often bitter ale) and then vote for your favorite.  The catch is it’s a blind taste test.

Like usual I gave each beer a star rating, but with Taylor’s advice I also wrote a little note about each one.  He suggested doing so because he found that as the beers warmed the beers’ tastes changed.  Sometimes, a warmer IPA tastes better than when cold (know what I mean Brits?).  Here are my ratings and notes:


Bottoms up!
Thanks for the picture Matt!

#1: ✬✬✬ – better warm

#2: ✬✬✬✬ – Mmmm, my favorite!

#3: ✬✬ – bitter (lost a star after it got warm)

#4: ✬ – bland, and got worst after it warmed up

#5: ✬✬✬ – sweet, thick

#6: ✬✬✬ – boring, but it got better and earned another star as it warmed

#7: ✬✬✬ – bland, better warm

#8: ✬✬✬ – lemony (lost a star, and its lemony taste, after it warmed up)

#9: ✬✬ – bitter (lost a star as it got warm)

#10: ✬✬✬ – thick

#11: ✬ – very bitter (lost a star as it warmed up)

#12: ✬ – even bitterer than #11 (lost a star as it warmed up)

Today we found out what beer was what after all the votes had been counted (365 people voted!).  Results:

#1: Nelson – Widmer                                        2nd

#2: Hop Venom – Boneyard                          1st

#3: War Elephant – Columbia River

#4: Big Rack – S.O.B


All gone!

#5: Comatose – Good Life                               4th

#6: Double Vortex – Fort George                5th

#7: Tricerahops – Ninkasi

#8: Leafer Madness – Beer Valley

#9: Green Mammoth – Laurelwood

#10: Hop Henge – Deschutes

#11: Licentious Goat – Flat Tail                       3rd

#12: Alpha Centauri – Hop Valley

What a nice night that was.  God I love summer and beer!  Next weekend is the Portland International Beerfest in the North Park Blocks.  See you then.  Cheers!


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