Portland Fruit Beer Festival

Hey fans, I’m back!  Sorry for being MIA for so long, but school came first, and my last two terms weren’t easy.  But now it’s summer, which means I have more time to sip beers on patios, go to brewfests, and blog.  I want to thank you all for being patient.  I have been so flattered to have people ask me when I was posting next, as they were looking forward to reading more.  Hopefully, they won’t disappoint!

Burnside Brewing Co. (701 E Burnside St.) hosted the second annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival on June 9th and 10th.  Of course Matt and I were there early on Saturday.  Last year we went in the late afternoon on the first day and half of the beers were already tapped out!  So this year I was determined that didn’t happen again.  I was not disappointed this year!


Thanks Matt for taking this pic!

A little bit of interesting information about the festival from their 2012 Guide:

The second annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival is back after unprecedented success in it’s [sic] first year.  The only festival of it’s [sic] kind the PFBF celebrates the wonderful, creative and uniquely crafted fruit beers of the Pacific NW and beyond.  Once fruit beers were a staple of every brewery but when quality product became harder and harder to obtain at cheap prices many breweries stopped making them or turned to cheap extract flavorings which in turn helped to give fruit beers a bad name in the community.

The Portland Fruit Beer Festival is bringing back the tradition with an outstanding lineup of the best fruit beers the world has to offer, many of them brewed specifically for this festival by local brewers.  Our organization is comitted [sic] to making the Portland Fruit Beer Festival the greatest festival in the Northwest!

Like it says above, these beers aren’t made from extract, so no Mike’s Hard Lemonade here.  There weren’t even that many ciders either.  Several sour or tart beers, which are Matt’s favorite, and lots of unique, and even one-off beers, which are my favorite.

Speaking of favorites, here are mine from this festival, all with five star ratings (out of five):

  • The Commons Brewery: Saigon Saison (although I did not taste the “Vietnamese cooking” the description claimed it tasted like, but it was very light and refreshing)
  • Breakside Brewery: Sour Cherry Bourbon Aztec (rare beer – spicy and sour!)
  • Dogfish Head Brewing: Black & Blue (rare beer, with an ABV of 10%)
  • Naked City Brewery & Taphouse: NC-17 Honeydew Malt Liquor (I only gave this beer four stars, but I thought it was the most unique of all those that I tried; rare beer)
  • Upright Brewing/Bushwhacker Cidery Collaboration: Gose/Caramel Apple (holy crap this one was good!; rare beer)

Overall, the PFBF was a good one!  They had live music and food.  They expanded the area from last year so there was a lot more room.  However, Burnside needs to put up ropes to divide the lines and keep people from hanging out right in front of the taps (a big pet peeve of mine, get your beer and get out of the way!  If I have to ask if you’re in line, then take that as a message and get the eff back).  What I did like – and thought was very Portland – was a bike parking area but no segregated smoking area.

What a great way to kick off Portland Beer Week!  Cheers!


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